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Michelle Owens


5 Years Instructing

PH: 770-639-4644

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About The Art Of Arms Training

My husband and I developed this program out of a need to help identify and achieve individuals self-defense goals. Through my own 20+ years of personal training, I found myself discouraged, lost and unable to identify what I was missing. I was spending a tremendous amount of money and time seeking what was the best fit for me. I started to get to the point I wanted to stop training because of intimidation and lack of funds ..... Well that’s just not an option for a person like myself so I jumped in did the researched had many test subjects and found myself assisting other on their path to achieve their goals. 

I have training in Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Firearms, CQB, CCW, Situational Awareness, Bush Craft and many other, odd disciplines... I can even teach you how to make jewelry.

My moto is, Skilled at many, Master of none... I will never stop seeking training and I want to encourage you to start somewhere and follow your goals.

With The Art of Arms, you have coach that will follow you along your journey and encourage you through all life’s ups and downs. If there is a hurdle you are climbing, we will be by your side.



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Concealed Carry Training, Basic, NRA Courses, Scenario Based Training, Women's Only Courses, Combatives / Less Lethal review icon

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