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GEORGIA: Irregular Warfare – Singleton Operator

Intermediate - Irregular Warfare – Singleton Operator is a collaborative effort by Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant and Shane Kerwin of Personal Survival Solutions.

Duration: 8 hours per day



Brian Hill

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Irregular Warfare – Singleton Operator is a collaborative effort by Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant and Shane Kerwin of Personal Survival Solutions.

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This coursework takes a unique look at operating in a non-permissive/semi-permissive environment, as a singleton, with only a rifle, pistol, and your Combative Mindset.

Course work will begin with students taking an in-depth look and progressing to practical application in the development of a Combative Mindset, various zero distances pros and cons, optimal ammunition choices, zeroing procedures, and associated equipment selection for a variety of environments. Application of the fundamentals of marksmanship will be heavily emphasized with a break down between precision and speed with defining and optimization a working balance of the two, to get comfortable working at a performance level of shooting.

Instruction and drills will be structured to achieve a synergistic relationship between the physical and mental aspects of performance shooting with both a rifle and pistol while negotiating the difficult aspects of working as a singleton in a harsh environment. Establishing and understanding our limitations with both weapons systems will be covered and knowing what action is appropriate to solving unique problems will stress the students to critically think and problem solve different complex problem sets they may encounter. Rifle to pistol transitions, while in a variety of differing equipment will be taught, with engagement from conventional and unconventional shooting positions being emphasized. Students will receive an introductory exposure to all ranges of personal combat from extreme close proximity shooting to extended distances (0-300 yards) with both weapons systems and will gain an understanding to which system is appropriate or that we have to problem solve with what is in our hand(s). What constitutes cover vs. concealment will be taught and how it can be negotiated and utilized to help us gain a tactical advantage.

Additionally, utilization of cover, concealment, and/or barricades will be taught to maximize our ability to gain stability for fast, precise hits on target, while minimally sacrificing our ability to move. Movement and maneuver are our ally when working as a singleton in a harsh environment. Movement and its application to disrupt our opponent’s decision-making cycle while giving us the initiative advantage will be discussed and applied.

Negotiating a harsh environment as a singleton operator is a challenging aspect of combat, but the reality is, is that it is just a problem that needs to be solved. Brian and Shane bring decades of experience in a variety of environments dealing with the deadly problem set of interpersonal conflict as singletons. Let them help you form and develop an Individual Protective System that will build an experiential base to deal with deadly problems, should they arise.

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Topics Covered

Topics Covered:

Developing a Combative Mindset

Equipment Selection and Usage

Optimal Ammunition Selections for Rifle and Pistol

Choosing a Zero Distance and Zeroing Procedures for Rifle and Pistol

Rifle to Pistol, Pistol to Rifle Transitions for a variety of carry configurations

Conventional and unconventional Shooting Positions

Close Proximity to Extended Distance Target Engagements – The 0-300 Yard Problem

Defining the Differences between Cover and Concealment and their Usage

The Applied Tactic of Movement and its Application for a Tactical Advantage

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Advanced, Intermediate, Rifle

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$20 per day, per person range fee = $40 CASH

Arrive 8:30am on Saturday to complete registration

Arrive 8:45am on Sunday


  • Reliable Rifle - 5.56/.223 or 7.62x39
  • Sighting System – Iron Sights, Red Dot Optic, or Low-Powered Variable Optic (Back-Up Iron Sights)
  • Rifle sling of your choice
  • Rifle magazine pouch/carrier or body armor or chest rig
  • Pistol holster or battle belt with pistol magazine pouches
  • Mat (sleeping pad, exercise mat, towel, or shooting mat)
  • Sight-adjustment tools 
  • Rugged Clothing and Footwear
  • Hat or Headgear
  • 3 Extra magazines
  • Binoculars or spotting scope (Optional but recommended) 
  • Bipod and bag (Optional but recommended)  
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Notebook and Pen/Pencil
  • 500 rounds of factory loaded ammunition



  • Pistol
  • Pistol w/holster (strong side, inside, outside waistband or appendix is fine)
  • You can RENT a H&K VP9 with a Holosun pistol optic aka a Red Dot. We have red and green available. Holsters available
  • Holsters that collapse (leather, soft, etc.) when drawn will NOT be allowed on our range. NO SERPA HOLSTERS will be allowed on our range. Please make note that if you show up with any of the above, we will ask you to CHANGE so you can comply with our range rules. THIS IS WHY!
  • Duty belt/rig is APPROVED
  • 2 day course: 500 rounds of factory loaded ammunition
  • ALWAYS bring an additional 100 round to ANY course you attend. You never know when you will need it
  • Magazine pouch (if none don’t worry pockets work well)


  • Eye & ear protection (foam inserts or muffs – electronic muffs recommended)
  • Proper OUTDOOR weather attire?
  • Don't forget your LockedIn Grip Liquid Shooting Sports Chalk.
  • Hat with bill.... this is WHY!
  • Sunblock and bug spray (as needed)
  • 1 Gallon of hydration and a sack lunch (30-45 minute lunch) per day
  • Patio Chair