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Blue Line Ponies Fundraiser Inner Game of Shooting

Intermediate - All proceeds go to Blue Line Ponies, Inc 501c3 non-profit organization.

Duration: 2 Day Event



Brian Hill

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Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now November 2 Saturday
2 Day Class
Eastanollee, GA
6 - 12 Students 9am-6pm Brian Hill Space Available target icon


All proceeds go to Blue Line Ponies, Inc 501c3 non-profit organization.

Let's give our Mounted Patrol Unit's ponies a HEROES retirement. Blue Line Ponies mission is to love, safeguard the dignity and comfort of Mounted Patrol Unit's police ponies and to continue to provide the best care throughout their retirement. They worked tirelessly to patrol different areas of the city with their human partners and they deserve nothing but the best.

The Blue Line Ponies Retirement Range will be their forever home so please help us provide the finest for our retired babies as they mature, become less confident, and need help. WE WILL BE THERE WITH THEM EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

Class fee $375. Ranges fees $40 (paid now)

Sat. 9am-5pm EST Arrive 8:30am EST

Sun. 9am-5pm EST class over.

Sun. 5pm-6pm EST after-party with door prizes, announcements, goody bags.....

SPONSORED EVENT! Visit the website for details.

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Topics Covered

VERY POPULAR 2 DAY CLASS HOSTED "ON THE ROAD" AND OFFERED AT OUR PRIVATE RANGE IN DAHLONEGA, GA: THE INNER GAME OF SHOOTING has stemmed from our Deliberate Coaching class and is offered to clients who want to become the best version of themselves. THIS CLASS IS FROM YOU, THE STUDENTS PERSPECTIVE.

The Inner Game of Shooting is not an instructor certification course but we do require your level of shooting to be intermediate - advanced. It is a 2 day program covering physiological, psychological, and technical aspects of YOUR development.? Self coaching requires a multi-discipline approach applying diagnostic skills, cognitive interviewing, understanding the decisional process, predictive analysis, and adapting to YOUR unique needs. Identifying and understanding YOUR learning style and more importantly, YOUR blind spots.

Performing at our highest level should be the goal of all shooters. Unfortunately, the modern methods of coaching have not been applied to shooting in a cohesive and unified manner which leads to lots of wasted time and effort.

In this class we will explore the three modes of training, technical (accuracy and precision), speed (speed and efficiency), and performance (neuroscience triggers), allowing the athlete to understand the requirements of each aspect of training.

Development of a plan for practice, understanding how to measure and refine for continued improvement, and how to approach qualifiers, classifiers, test, matches, or personal protection.

The mental game is the most important part of high level performance, consisting of the technical/physical, psychological, and physiological. Understanding how to modulate and capitalize on these states is what will allow the shooter to perform in a accurate, consistent, efficient, and disciplined manner.

Neuroscience has made great strides in recognizing the precursor to high level performance, and these can be performed in the moments allowing the athlete to use all their available skill while making timely decisions which ultimately lead to success. 

Shooting is more than a technical methodology, it requires quick processing, predictive decisions, and recognition primed decision making. You can make great progress, and perform at your highest level by training appropriately. This is the missing piece, and the most important.
Brian Hill

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Expectations and Outcomes

We will finish classes with a few words from your coaches, Certificates of Participation (or emailed), and hand out White Ant Rank Patches.

TOP SHOT: Our Top Shot Award (and prize) will be given out to the person that shoots the highest score on the "end of day" test. This is a HUGE accomplishment that should not go unnoticed. CONGRATS!

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED AWARD: Our Challenge Accepted Award goes out too the person that faced their fears, changed their mindset, and worked their bums off to accept the challenge of working through obstacles. The person that earns this award will also receive a "one on one" consultation with Tom Kelly of Dark Star Gear. You will discuss your current gear, goals and ways to improve your shooting journey. This consult will include up to $250 GIFT CERTIFICATE. This GC will be "spent"  according to your gear "needs" after your consultation. Thank you Dark Star Gear!

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Advanced, Intermediate

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Documentation Requirements


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Gear List:?

  • You will be taking notes! Be prepared.
  • Pistol w/holster (strong side, inside, outside waistband or appendix is fine).
  • Both IRON sights and RED DOT sights are welcome in this class
  • Holsters that collapse (leather, soft, etc.) when drawn will NOT be allowed on our range. NO SERPA HOLSTERS will be allowed on our range. THIS IS WHY!
  • Please make note that if you show up with any of the above, we will ask you to CHANGE so you can comply with our range rules. If you do not have a back up gun then you can CHANGE to a HK VP9 and a strong side Kydex holster that we will provide free of charge. Ammo not included
  • Duty belt/rig is APPROVED
  • You can BORROW a HK VP9 with iron sights or RENT a H&K VP9 with a Holosun pistol optic aka a Red Dot. We have red and green available.  Holster available.?
  • Concealment garment required
  • 1000 rounds of factory loaded ammunition
  • Magazine pouches/carriers
  • Don't forget your LockedIn Grip Liquid Shooting Sports Chalk.
  • A sturdy belt for the holster and magazine pouches (try your gear on prior to class)
  • Extra magazines: Double Stack x 3 mags and Single stack x 4 or more mags
  • Eye & ear protection (foam inserts or muffs – electronic muffs recommended)
  • "Back up” gun if you got it. If not, we will have a HK VP9 waiting for you to use?
  • Proper OUTDOOR weather attire
  • Hat with bill.... this is WHY!
  • Sunblock and bug spray (as needed)
  • 1 Gallon of hydration and a sack lunch (30 minute lunch) per day