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GEORGIA: Revolver Operator with Claude Werner

Intermediate - Revolver class with The Tactical Professor in Dahlonega, GA

Duration: 7 hours



Brian Hill

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There are 2 classes to choose from: 

SOLD OUT! Saturday, May 4th
OPEN SPOTS: Sunday, May 5th

Revolver Operator with Claude Werner

Instructor: Claude Werner

Claude's host/assistant (NOT assistant instructor)and RSO: Shelley Hill

Service size (K-frame or equivalent) Revolver

$199 class fee per person

$20 cash range fee. The range fee will be collected in cash the day of the class.


Location: Dahlonega, Ga

9am-4pm. Arrive 8:30am to complete registration.

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Revolvers are often carried for Personal Protection. However, their size, weight, recoil, and heavy trigger pull can make training and practice difficult. They are not commonly used in a 2 day class with high round counts so this 1 day class is perfect to get some work done w your revolver under the watchful eye of Claude Werner The Tactical Professor.

This class will focus on learning the general principles of trigger manipulation, reloading, and gun handling with revolvers.

After learning the general principles for Revolver Operator with your revolvers, small revolvers will be introduced (I will supply if you don't have one) into the curriculum. The differences between using service revolvers and small revolvers will be explained and practiced.

An evaluation test will be shot at the end of the course to allow clients to establish a baseline for their own future performance evaluations. Clients will be given a handbook to guide their practice efforts after the course.

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Service size (K-frame or equivalent) Revolver w/holster (strong side, inside, outside waistband or appendix is fine)

Magnum caliber revolvers must use Special ammunition not Magnum.

Holsters that collapse (leather, soft, etc.) when drawn will NOT be allowed on our range. NO SERPA HOLSTERS will be allowed on our range. Please make note that if you show up with any of the above, we will ask you to CHANGE so you can comply with our range rules. THIS IS WHY!

1 day course: 300 rounds of factory loaded ammunition

Revolver speed loaderstrips (that fit YOUR revolver(s)) and/or loading blocks and/or speed strips or BRING THEM ALL!! Claude will have a few to experiment with.

ALWAYS bring an additional 100 round to ANY course you attend. You never know when you will need it

A sturdy belt for the holster (try your gear on prior to class)

Eye & ear protection (foam inserts or muffs – electronic muffs recommended)

"Back up” (J-frame or equivalent) revolver if you got it. A short exercise suitable for small revolvers will be shot at the end of the class. Do not expect to use a J-frame or equivalent small revolver alone for the class; you must bring a service size revolver to take the class.

Proper OUTDOOR weather attire

Hat with bill.... this is WHY!

Sunblock and bug spray (as needed)

1 Gallon of hydration and a sack lunch (30 minute lunch)