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Shelley Hill

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Image Based Decisional Drills Definition of Success: To quickly make ONE good FIRST decision based on visual stimuli & instantly act on it. Be confident, decisive, efficient, & explosive.

Image Based Decisional Drills is a well thought out dry practice or live fire exercise with a deck of 21 Image Cards (with and without additional "tools") that provide IMAGES that will help you to recognize danger and to make smart decisions ahead of time. Our image based learning system is another beneficial step on your way to making good decisions quickly.

Decisions are more important than techniques and our goal in "The ONLINE Class" is to supply an avenue to learn good decision and provide some simple, yet very effective techniques. You have 3 main training/practice options. On this page, we will focus on #3, Shelley Hill's 3 hour Image Based Decisional Drills " The ONLINE Class" via ZOOM.

No discounts offered in this class

Needed for Image Based Decisional Drills ONLINE ZOOM class:

  • An open mind
  • IBDD "options sheet"
  • A target of any size or shape taped to a wall (4 yards/12 ft if possible)
  • INERT or practice pepper spray (empty is fine)
  • Simple Steps to Apply a Tourniquet (real tourniquet is fine).
  • Mock/prop phone (your phone TURNED OFF is fine)
  • Working flashlight (pocket size is best)
  • Please have a SIRT (10% off discount here), BLUEGUN, plastic replica, or homemade replica of a firearm to train with during the ZOOM class. You may choose to disable your firearm and use a barrel blocker (or the like) during this class. If so, please follow your dry practice protocol and triple check that the gun is ready for dry fire.

If you are your first responder, then you are responsible for a wide array of skill sets. Seeing, recognizing, and believing danger is the first task. Having a plan for avoidance, deselection, and escalation are next. The first time you have to use verbal commands, put an object between you and another person, deal with a nuisance, identify a possible threat in the dark, or use non lethal or lethal force should NOT be when your safety is on the line. You MUST practice all of these skills ahead of time.

There are very few home training, self protection training for professionals or students, dry practice or live fire range exercises for the private citizen that focus on making lethal, less than lethal and non lethal decisions quickly. Our Image Based Decisional Drills "The ONLINE Class" is intended to fill in the gap in learning how to make decisions using images to provoke a response, decide which TOOL to use, and then ACT on that decision. From the time that a bad guy chooses you, you will have a very limited amount of time to make a decision. THEY choose how and when. Your actions need to be confident, quick and decisive.

In all scenarios the image is happening to YOU, in front of YOU, beside YOU or behind YOU. YOU are your first responder and decisions need to be made quickly.

Image Based Decisional Drills "The Class" is an online presentation for EVERYONE!

  • Instructors
  • General public
  • Ages 13 and above

A bit more to know:

  • You will receive a Certificate of Participation to add to your Continuing Education accomplishments.
  • You will receive the ZOOM link about one week prior to class via email.
  • You will receive a 10% OFF Coupon Code at the end of Image Based Decisional Drills "The ONLINE Class" to purchase Smart Choices Image Cards for ages 4-13.
  • Only 10 guests per session
  • Interactive
  • We offer private group sessions and public sessions.
  • Public sessions will be listed on our SCHEDULE.
  • Contact me if you want a private "one on one" session or a private group session. ?

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Topics Covered

Recognition -prime decision (RPD) is a model of how people make quick, effective decisions when faced with complex situations. In this model, the decison maker is assumed to generate a possible course of action, compare it to the constraints imposed by the situation, and select the first course of action that is not rejected. RPD has been described in diverse groups including trauma nurses, fireground commanders, chess players, and stock market traders. It functions well in conditions of time pressure, and in which information is partial and goals poorly defined. The limitations of RPD include the need for extensive experience among decision-makers (in order to correctly recognize the salient features of a problem and model solutions) and the problem of the failure of recognition and modeling in unusual or misidentified circumstances. It appears, as discussed by Gary A. Klein in Sources of Power, to be a valid model for how human decision-makers make decisions. READ IT!

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Expectations and Outcomes

I will email you a ZOOM link about 1 week prior to class. 

We named this learning system Image Based Decisional Drills because you are learning to quickly make ONE good FIRST decision based on visual stimuli, the word "decisional" means "having the power or authority to make decisions", and drills means practicing.

Image Based Decisional Drills "The ONLINE Class" will help teach you to you access the situation using a mental simulation for a plausible course of action, allowing you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the strategies in the content of the scenario. You may experience Altered Perceptions, like Auditory Exclusion, Stalling, Embellishment and more. What a wonderful gift of knowledge, to KNOW that is possible and learn from it.

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It is MANDATORY that each person attending class purchases an Image Based Decisional Drills KIT or NO-KIT BEFORE CLASS because you WILL TRAIN with your Image Based Decisional Drills KIT or NO-KIT during the ZOOM class. Only exception is if several people in your household are attending at once