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This Reactionary Zone class is open to the public and is from 6:30pm-9:30pm EST. Please plan accordingly.

Reactionary Zones Definition of Success: To understand more about pairing the decisional process with the lack of time and managing space.

People have a hard time managing distances so let's work on understanding, seeing and believing.

We see people making the same self protection decisions at 25 ft, 12 ft and 6ft so we wanted to offer this class to understand how fast violence happens, limited choices based on distance, and making the BEST decision possible based on the space and time available.

This clinic is NOT about techniques and tools. It is about recognizing DISTANCES quickly and making the BEST decision based on the space and time available.

Not everyone learns, retains, and recalls information the same so I designed this class to appeal to the most common learning styles. I will use colors, numbers, a graft, words on slides, verbal, images and activities to help you understand Reactionary Zones. You see, our brains are NOT necessarily word processors, they are mainly IMAGE processors.

One thing that is common among most people when learning is repetition. This is a MUST. Why did I chose to teach Reactionary Zones this way? Well…………

Reactionary Zones is an online presentation for EVERYONE!

• Instructors

• General public

• Ages 13 and above

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• 3 hours ONLINE

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• We offer private group sessions and public sessions.

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Topics Covered

Anthropologist Edward T. Hall defines four distance zones maintained by healthy, adult, middle-class Americans in his book, The Hidden Dimension. This is an intriguing book explains “proxemics” and the difference in “distance awareness” among many cultural groups. There are several “aspects” of proxemics. The one that Hall writes about is the distance maintained between people when they are communicating. He named his distances or zones Public, Social, Personal & Intimate.

In self protection distance management, we can use Hall's research to our purpose by measuring the violence options available to THE BAD PERSON and measure the options available to US to react + act = respond.

We have named these 4 spaces "Reactionary Zones" and have broken these 4 spaces down to simple terms.

You have the MOST time to react (25 feet and beyond)

You have SOME time to react (12 feet to 25 feet)

You have the LEAST time to react (6 feet to 12 feet)

You have NO time to react (under 6 feet).

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