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Shelley Hill

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Interrupt the Attack Cycle's Definition of Success: To recognize, interpret a combination of behavioral and physiological cues that indicate the probability of an assault and then interrupt the attack cycle to deselect yourself.

This class is 6:30pm-9:30pm EST. EASTERN STANDARD TIME


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This clinic is to offer you nuggets about PRE-VIOLENCE INDICATORS, AVOIDANCE, DESELECTION & recognizing DISTANCES quickly to make the BEST decision based on the space & time available. This is a completely separate online presentation from Reactionary Zones with NEW information and only a couple slides that "cross over". TAKE THIS COURSE!

Not everyone learns, retains, and recalls information the same so I designed this class to appeal to the most common learning styles. I will use words on slides, verbal communication, interaction and images to help you retain as much information as possible. You see, our brains are NOT necessarily word processors, they are mainly IMAGE processors.

Interrupt the Attack Cycle is an online presentation for EVERYONE!

General public

Men and women

Ages 13 and above

A bit more to know:

3 hours ONLINE

Presented by Shelley Hill

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NO prerequisite. NO experience needed. YES, bring an open mind!

You will receive a 10% OFF Coupon Code at the end of Reactionary Zones that can be applied to IBDD KIT, IBDD NO KIT, or one of 3 Smart Choices Image Card options for ages 4-13.

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Topics Covered

Our focus during this class will be on the ability to interpret a single act or a combination of behavioral and physiological cues that indicate the probability of a crime or an attack, we will discuss the criminal's mindset and motives, and the importance of preparation. We will dive into critical thinking, understanding proximics and reactionary zones, and talk about the importance of intuition. We will save plenty of time for you to practice with the use of visual aids to test your ability to recognize and interpret WHAT YOU ARE SEEING. Don't worry, we also want to hear how you would INTERRUPT the attack cycle to DESELECT yourself.

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Expectations and Outcomes

I will email you a ZOOM link about 1 week prior to class. 

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