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Shelley Hill

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Learning to Draw is The Complete Combatant's 3 hour class focusing on presenting your firearm from the holster while always practicing your FUNDAMENTALS as they are the key to everything!

Location: Dahlonega, GA

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This class is taught by Shelley, Tamara and Mike and can be your "next step" in training after you have taken an Entry Level Pistol Essentials class, basics class from another instructor, new shooter class, safety class with live fire, and the like. Please read the required "skill level" below.

Concealment is the essential advantage that the armed citizen has in personal protection.

Learn, or revisit, the four positions of the draw, how to safely draw, and how to holster your firearm.

Learn the basic starting positions for the hands in a self defense draw.

The most important part for the armed citizen is to quickly access their weapon and make accurate shots.

Different holster positions

Clearing your cover garment if applicable

Getting a good firing grip

Open discussion on some of the popular holsters and their PROS & CONS


Using proper body mechanics to align the pistol for quick sight alignment

Dry practice

Live practice

Safe gun handling

Holstering safely

Recommendations of some outstanding holster manufactures

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Skill Level:

This class will require you to have safe gun handling skills

You need to be able to follow directions from our coaches

You need to have a basic understanding of your firearms and have used it during practice sessions.

Understand the 4 firearm safety rules

Be able to load and unload your firearm

You have attended a "basic" firearms safety class and have shot at least 50 rounds.

Please make note that if you do not meet these qualifications then NO WORRIES, register for our ENTRY Level Pistol Essentials class and we will get you ready for this next step.