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Home Defense Team Tactics for Couples

Duration: 8 hours



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Home Defense Team Tactics for Couples is designed to improve the tactics, techniques, and procedures for defending your home with your partner by using tactically sound initiative based tactics and improved verbal and nonverbal communication. The course uses stress inoculation with trained role players and force on force to instill proper team work, tactics and communication.

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Topics Covered

Topics Covered:

•Protective mindset and lifestyle.

•3 Types of Awareness.

•OODA Loop.

•Justifiable use of force and castle doctrine.

•Managing the unexpected knock at the door.

•Home defense concepts and concentric rings of security.

•Initiative Based Team Tactics.

•The BUMP in the night!

•Low light concepts and considerations.

•Effective couple/team verbal/nonverbal communication.

•Treating massive hemorrhage.

•911 and responding Law Enforcement TTP’s.

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In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training

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Gear Required: 

•Notepad and pen.

•Handheld flashlight.

•Long sleeve shirt and pants.


NOTE: All protective gear and Force on Force pistols will be provided.