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Medical Tactical Problem Solving Skill Builder


Duration: 1-day



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The medical tactical problem solving skill builder puts the student in an active killing situation that requires sound tactical judgment to eliminate an active threat and to be a force multiplier by providing time sensitive immediate medical intervention to stop massive hemorrhage during force on force scenarios.

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Topics Covered

Topics Covered:
• Tourniquets.
• Wound packing.
• Pressure bandages.
• Chest seals.
• 3 Types of awareness.
• 3rd Party Rescue and evacuation.
• Safe heaven defense.
• Interaction with responding LE Officers.

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Basic, Intermediate, Active Shooter Response Training, Scenario Based Training

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Required Gear:
• Comfortable clothes that can be ruined by fake blood.
• Long sleeves and closed toe shoes recommended.
• All protective and Force-on-Force gear will be provided.