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Solo CQB/3PRE will introduce the student to the principals, techniques, and tactics for clearing your home or any other structures for 3rd party rescue and evacuation in a public venue.

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Topics Covered

* Mental readiness/Mindset.
* Real World Safety.
* Close Range Engagement.
* Weapons postures and retention.
* Principals of CQB.
* Initiative Based Tactics(IBT).
* 5 Steps for room clearing.
* 1 Person clearing techniques.
* Interacting with arriving Law Enforcement.
* Angle of Incidence.
* Hallway/Stairwell clearing techniques.
* Medical considerations for GSW's.

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, Active Shooter Response Training, CCW, Combatives / Less Lethal, Other, Scenario Based Training, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge)

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Documentation Requirements

 Valid  CWP or background check, character witness, or instructor approval. 

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your CCW permit once you register.

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* Wrap around eye protection.
* All  Force on Force weapons, ammo and safety gear will be provided.
Notes: students can bring there own holsters and magazine pouches for Glock 17/19 or Sig 320 Carry/Compact.