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Integrated Combative’s Course

Duration: 2 Days

Fee: $550.00

Type(s): Basic, In Home Defense Training, Other, Scenario Based Training

Instructor: Threat Management Solutions - Dave Benton View Bio target icon


The ICC is a full spectrum integrated combative’s system for a weapons based environment. The concepts and principles are flexible and effective enough to be used across the full spectrum of justifiable use of force from Singleton EDC to the team CQB environment.

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Documentation Requirements

No prior experience is necessary.

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

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* Comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting torn.
* Towel.
* Water.
Recommended gear:
* Training drone of your EDC knife with sheath.
* Blue Gun Training pistol of your EDC with holster.
* Mouth guard.
* Male Athletic guard.

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Topics Covered

* Mental readiness/ Proximity.
* Targets of the body.
* Weapons of the body.
* Blocking vs Covering.
* Striking.
* Ground survival.
* In fight weapons access with retention.
* Edge weapons use and defense.
* Multiple attackers.
* Defense at the door in your home.
* Defense in your vehicle.
* Stress inoculation/ Force on force.

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