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Fight Gone Bad-IATPS Course Pistol Only


Duration: 2 Day Course



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The IATPS course teaches the student how to think and work through realistic tactical problems that could occur during a lethal encounter while using justifiable use of force with a defensive pistol in both daylight and reduced light environments.

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Topics Covered

•Proper mindset to win.

•Fundamentals of Marksmanship

•Primary hand draw and threat engagement.

•Working through pistol stoppages.

•Support hand draw and engagement.

•Working through primary hand only stoppages

  and support hand only stoppages.

•Tactical Problem solving while wounded.

•Tactical Problem solving in low light.

•Combatives problem solving while in a position 

  of disadvantage. 

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Advanced, Rifle, Scenario Based Training, Specialty Other

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Documentation Requirements

This is an ADVANCED level class and requires proof of a basic defensive pistol or rifle course, valad CWP or background check, character witness.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your Concealed Carry Weapons permit once you register.

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•Defensive pistol (9mm or larger).

•Holster that stays open after drawing.

•Minimum of two magazines ( more is better).

•350 rounds of pistol  

•At least one  pistol magazine pouch( more is better).

•Sturdy belt to support pistol and spare magazine.

•Hand held compact flashlight( weapon mounted lights are ok but not a replacement for hand held light.).

•Weather appropriate clothing.

•Eye and ear protection.

•Recommend knee pads but not required. 

 NOTE: course can be shot from EDC concealment 

            or full duty gear.