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IWI Level 2 Tavor/ X95 Carbine Operator Course

Duration: 2 Day Course

Fee: $500.00

Type(s): Intermediate, Rifle

Instructor: Threat Management Solutions - Dave Benton View Bio target icon


This course is designed to build upon the fundamental skills of shooting the Tavor SAR and X95 rifle systems gained from the Level I Operator Course and enhance the user's ability to employ the system.

After reviewing marksmanship and the manual of arms, the shooter will be instructed on additional techniques required for a multitude of situations.

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Documentation Requirements

If you do not have a CCW , a Background check will be required. Must have taken the  Level I Tavor Operator Course .

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your CCW permit once you register.

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Physical Requirements:

 ** This course will require physical activity , to include running and rapid assumption of positions.
 ** Please disclose any medical conditions which may preclude your participation from certain events.

Firearms Requirements 

   * Tavor SAR or X95 with sling
   * 5 - serviceable 30 round magazines
   * Rifle magazine carrier that accommodates a minimum of 2 spare magazines
   * 9mm calibar or greater serviceable pistol
   * 3 - serviceable pistol magazines (5 - 8 for single stack autos)
   * Pistol Holster (NO SERPA HOLSTERS) and magazine carrier that accommodates 2
      spare magazines.
***If you do not have an X95 or SAR just let us know during registration and one will be provided for you free of charge.***

Ammunition Requirements:

* 700 Rounds of 5.56 / .223 ( NO M855 Greentip)
   * 150 rounds of pistol ammunition.

Gear Requirements:

  * Hearing Protection
   * Eye Protection
   * Knee Pads
   * Hat
   * Sunscreen
   * Bugspray
   * Boots / Hiking Shoes
   * Rain Gear
   * Jacket (Seasonal)
   * Water Bottle
   * Cleaning Kit

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Topics Covered

Core topics that will be covered:

  * Confirmation of zero
   * Review of basic manipulations
   * Transitions on the move 
   * Shooting on the move 
   * Shooting from behind cover
   * Movement into positions
   * Stress drills 
   * Timed drills
   * Qualification
   * Long range engagements

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Expectations and Outcomes

To improve your weapons manipulations , defensive marksmanship, and understanding of the Tavor X95 / SAR  Weapons Systems.

Upcoming Classes

Saturday - 3/14/2020


Nail Ranch

Fellsmere, FL

Instructor: Dave Benton

Class Size: 5 - 12 Students

11 Spaces Left