Practical Carbine 1 day

Basic - An opportunity to develop sound foundational carbine manipulations and shooting skills necessary to use a rifle in a practical, real world situation

Duration: 8 hours



Christopher Hill

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Homestead, FL
2 - 20 Students 8:30-4 Christopher Hill Space Available target icon


Are you equipped with the shooting skills necessary to use a rifle in a practical real world situation? Do you want the tools to effectively engage targets from contact distance, austere positions, from cover, and on the move? Do you have these tools and want to sharpen them?

In this course we will cover the critical shooting topics necessary to defend yourself reliably with a Rifle. We start from zero in this course so all skill levels are welcome build fundamnetals or retool with current best practces in a coached attentive environment.

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Topics Covered

Concepts covered: Zeroing, Positional shooting, Sling use and manipulation, malfunction clearances, use of cover, shooting from austere positions, shooting while moving, moving then shooting

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Basic, Intermediate, Rifle

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Eye and ear protection. Electronic is best so you can hear without taking ears on and off.
Closed toe shoes (range requirement)  

Reliable Rifle chambered in a centerfire rifle caliber. (Bringing a backup is a good idea if you own one but  it’s not necessary) please make sure it is zeroed or “sighted in” we will confirm zeroes but there isn’t time  for you to zero for an hour. If you need help reach out to me.  

500 rounds of ammo. I can help source Ammo if you’re having a hard time finding it.  

Rifle should have a primary optic and a secondary sighting system (second red dot, offset or flip up irons,  visible laser etc.) irons only is ok but not optimal  

Adjustable sling, preferably 2 point. There is a block of instruction on sling stabilization and it centers around a 2 point sling  

3 magazines, 6 being optimal and a way to carry at least 1 spare on you (mag pouch, pants pockets etc.)  with magazines the more the better to be honest.  

Lube and cleaning rods

Long pants, we will be on the ground a lot. Long sleeves are also probably a good idea. Knee pads are  also a good idea, but not required.  

Sunscreen and bug spray. You aren’t immune to those things.

Ball cap and neck gaiter or shemagh to keep the sun off your head and neck  

Rain gear. I am a rain magnet, so prepare accordingly. I think it has rained at 80% of the outdoor classes  that I have taught and attended. 

Enough water for the day the class can be physically challenging for some and the sun is physically  challenging for all.  

Pack a lunch and snacks. Lunch is 30 minutes you don’t have enough time to leave eat and return  without missing a part of the class