Handgun Movement

Basic - An opportunity to develop processes unique to employing a concealed handgun for self-defense

Duration: 6 hours range



Christopher Hill

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This class tackles the unique challenges inherent to employing a handgun while moving and helps the student maximize their performance in that mode.

This course is suitable for beginners and exp shooters alike. Many of the drills are run one at a time so you will get individual coaching after your runs regardless of skill level.

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Topics Covered

Anatomy of a threat

Zeroing (if sight is adjustable)

everything below On the Move:

Sight acquisition/presentation

maximizing movement speed through efficiency 

Retention shooting

Single hand shooting 


Use of available cover

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Expectations and Outcomes

All students will leave with the tools to develop consistent results, when employing a pistol while moving or shortly after moving, so that the device can see its true potential as a force multiplier.

Students who receive a passing mark will leave with sufficient mastery to confidently integrate movement .

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Basic, Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements


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A handgun with a hard sided concealment holster that attaches to a belt (or the PHLSTER enigma if no belt)

3 or more magazines

500 rounds of ammunition

Eye and ear protection 

Closed toe shoes


Food (there will be no opportunity to leave the range for lunch)

Rain gear

sun block and bug spray