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Intermediate - Concealed Carry Draw strokes and reloads - Non-live fire course

Duration: 4 hours classroom and practical application



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An essential skill for using a handgun in a defensive capacity is a fast, safe, and efficient draw stroke. While fast is good, having a draw that is predictable and consistent is equally, if not more, important. However, most of us get preoccupied with the standard draw that we most often conduct while on the range, typically to a two-handed grip in an ideal shooting stance. This is the foundation of our skill, but it is hardly the only draw stroke that factors into the overall skillset of the concealed handgun. In fact, if you surveil any amount of video captured gunfights, such a perfect draw stroke rarely materializes.

If unfortunate enough to need to deploy your concealed handgun on any given day, the chances of being able to do so the way you do on the range, under ideal conditions, is unlikely. If we consider the factors that can influence our environment and circumstances, it becomes obvious that being able to access the gun under many such conditions is important. I propose that there are at least four basic draw strokes that we need to know in order to deploy the gun under these conditions, and there are possible variations on each of these four that should be practiced and considered. Bear in mind, this only refers to drawing your gun from a primary carry mode on your waistband, so if you carry in other body locations, your draw requirements will increase.

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Topics Covered

Concealed Carry draw stroke techniques

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Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training, NRA Courses, Scenario Based Training, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge), USCCA Courses

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Must have completed Tip of the Spear Training Group's Handgun 4 to attend. No Exceptions. 

Non-live fire means no ammo is needed. Do not bring ammo to the course. We will utilize SIRT weapons and Simunitions.