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One Day Mid Range Carbine


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The 1 Day Mid-Range Carbine Course is provided to advance the carbine operator’s distance skills with a 5.56 to 7.62 semi-auto rifle.  The classroom portion, consisting of approximately four hours, will focus on safety, marksmanship fundamentals, external ballistics, ammunition selection, zeroing techniques, wind estimation, reticle calibrating, and range estimation.  The live fire portion will focus on the practical application of techniques and practices learned in the classroom environment. Multiple events will expose the shooter to complex timed scenarios in which they will engage targets from field expedient firing positions.

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Topics Covered

Enabling Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of marksmanship as they apply to a semi-auto rifle equipped with a magnified red dot, low power fixed, or variable power optic.
  • Gain a more thorough understanding of external ballistics and how to compensate for range and wind.
  • Fire from supported and unsupported field firing positions.
  • Build confidence in the selection and zeroing processes equipment, as well as common products in the market
  • Introduce shooters to rapid transitions from CQB to Mid-Range engagements, including the use of offset irons and red dot

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Advanced, Intermediate, Rifle

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Prerequisites (One Required):

  • Law enforcement or active duty military personnel
  • NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course
  • Successful completion of TRC Introductory Carbine course, or course of similar nature

Firearms Requirements (Student provided):
  • Rifle: Rifle/Carbine chambered in 5.56 or 7.62, capable of 2.0 MOA groups at 100 yards
  • Optic:  Red Dot with Magnifier, Low Power Fixed, or Low Variable Powered Optic with appropriate reticle.
  • System:  Rifle system must be capable of holding groups of 2 MOA or less (*Most rifles from a reputable manufacturer are capable)

Ammo requirements (Student furnished): 300 rounds of quality ammunition in selected caliber