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USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level ONE


Duration: 8 hours range time



Karen Whitlock

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Defensive Shooting Fundamentals will introduce you to the core principles and fundamentals of the USCCA defensive shooting program.

Train your mind and body to respond to life-threatening situations. Build the foundation you need to understand intuitive defensive shooting and deadly force decision making. Unlock the lifesaving mindset of the warrior expert theory that will help you guess your attackers next move with ease. Discover how you can develop the ability to apply your shooting skills on demand, without anticipation, while trying to save your own life or the lives of others. Uncover the drills you must know to prepare and prevail even under the most dangerous of circumstances.

• On-range training in crucial handgun skills
• Warrior expert theory
• Counter ambush training
• Balance of speed and precision
• Stance and movement
• Grip and trigger control
• Presentation from ready and holster
• Shooting from retention and reloading
• Diagnosing your misses
• Defensive shooting drills
• Class is for semi-automatic pistols, not revolvers

You will need a minimum of 600 rounds of ammo, at least 3 magazines, a belt, an appropriate defensive firearm and an OWB holster (No SERPA type holsters).

Your investment for the class is about $185.00. ($150 paid now and then $30+tax paid to USCCA for the e-learning module and Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 book). The e-learning takes about 3-4 hours to complete and will need to be done before the class begins.

You need to have safe gun handling skills and be able to clear basic malfunctions in order to participate in this class (i.e. know how to clear a gun that is jammed). This is not a learn to shoot class.

This class takes place on AT SOUTH RIVER GUN CLUB in Covington, GA. (IT DOES NOT TAKE PLACE AT TRIGGER TIME). South River is an outdoor range so come prepared to shoot in whatever the weather conditions are for that day. Class is limited to 8 students.

Make sure you are able to attend prior to registering. WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS OR RESCHEDULING. 

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You will be given drills and tips for practicing on your own at the range and ultimately leave feeling more confident in your abilities to defend yourself.

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Documentation Requirements

You will need to contact USCCA to register for the elearning module. Call 877-577-4800 and let them know you are taking a Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level One class with Karen Whitlock. They will take it from there. You should receive an email with access within 48 hours. If you DO NOT, let me know or call USCCA. In addition to the link, they will send you a book for your reference. You are not required to read the book before class.  At the end of the e-learning course, you will have an option to print a certificate. Either print it and bring it to class or e-mail me a copy. 
The e-learning, on average, takes 3 to 4 hours to complete. I STRONGLY advise not waiting until the last minute to go through the e-learning module. Please let me know if you have any difficulty with it. I can help you through it. 

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You will need a minimum of 600 rounds of ammo, at least 3 magazines, eye and ear protection, a sturdy belt, an outside the waistband (OWB) holster and an appropriate defensive firearm.  A magazine carrier for your belt would be helpful but not required.  If you have electronic ear protection it might help you hear instructions better but also not required.