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NRA Pistol Simulator Class

Basic - Get your CCW in a safe, stress free learning environment.

Duration: 3 hours



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Learn the fundamentals of pistol shooting, including firearm safety, understanding types of handguns and safe operation, proper grip, shooting stance, sight alignment and shooting techniques. The class will include time on the L.A.S.R. simulator. All students will re-enforce skills learned in class by shooting fixed targets in a safe, low-noise training environment. Perfect for first time gun owners or anyone looking to improve shooting skills. The class is taught in a low stress, comfortable environment.    This class does qualify you for  VA CCW.

*****Fees are non-refundable. The fees can be transferred to another class if you are unable to attend this class****

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Topics Covered

This class will cover grip, stance, and sight alignment.  We will cover other topics such as holster, loading and unloading a firearm.  This is a great class to learn the basics or brush up the skills you already have. 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students who show proficiency and pass the course will receive their certificate to apply for their VA CCW. 

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Basic, Concealed Carry License, Concealed Carry Training, NRA Courses, Virtual Simulation

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No firearms or ammo are required for this class.  We will be using SIRT pistols that the instructor will provide.

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