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BACKGROUND: Civilian, Military, Former Military, Instructor, First Responder (Fire / EMS)

20 Years Instructing

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Precision Rifle Application

The PRC L-1 focuses on the caliber / cartridges and rifle platforms that are designed for engagements between 100 – 3500 yards and potential beyond.
Levels AI, II and III offered prior to any Masters, are taught by professional marksmen, veterans or law enforcement personnel.
Great training from long range hunters and marksmen alike.
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Precision Rifle Course L-I
3-days, 200 rounds
Includes Field Completion Certificate

This 3-day course introduces you to the art and science of Precision Long Range Rifle Engagements a full day of Classroom.
Where you will learn about internal, external and terminal ballistics, marksmanship techniques, optics and proper rifle sight-in. Then over the next two days, you will be engaging in a series of known distance static targets from 100 to 1,200+ yards.
This will provide you with valuable positive, actual real world data to successfully build data cards, true out ballistic solvers and reference for future engagements.
A strong focus will be on the Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Data Gathering and Shooter/Spotter Dialogue.

Precision Rifle Course L-II
3-days, 200 rounds
Includes Field Completion Certificate

Over a 3-day period you will hone your skills at precision long range rifle engagements. With a quick half day classroom portion where you will learn the principles of angle fire and alternative firing positions. One of our experienced cadre will work directly with you as you engage multiple long range targets from various distances and positions.
You will now have the availability to engage in a series of known distance targets out to 1 mile, 1760 yards, to further build consistent and reliable data.

Precision Rifle Course 3
3-days, 200 rounds
Includes Field Completion Certificate

Continuing with this 3-day course the culmination of everything you have learned in our previous courses. We now further expand your knowledge of internal, external, and terminal ballistics, marksmanship, optics and alternative firing position. We will know introducing you to targets of unknown distance and range estimation during this 3-day course, again by a beginning with a half a day classroom portion in review and in preparation for field range estimation practices and application.
Followed by a half day of extended series of known distance engagements out past 1800 yards. You will then over the 2 days test your skills to the limit in a series of advanced, unknown distance engagements varying from close range out past the supersonic capabilities of the cartridges used.

Precision Rifle Advanced Course
6-day, 500 rounds
Includes Field Completion Certificate

The culmination of everything you have learned in our previous courses levels I through III, to include 3 Master Courses;
Mastering Advanced Principles,
MAPS L-I, 2-day LL/NL
MAPS L-II, 2-day VBP
MAPS L-III, 2-day MI/MO (move in, move out)
The course of instruction will additionally address:

• Internal Ballistics ,

• External Ballistics,

• Terminal Ballistics,

• Projectile Application,

• Optics & Scope adjustments,

?? Mrad, MOA vs. BDC variant reticle use,

?? High Power Spotting Optics & Use,

?? Shooter/Spotter Dialogue,

• Fundamentals of Marksmanship,

?? Efficient, Consistent and Safe Firing Iteration and Practices,

• Real World Data Gathering,

• Wind Evaluation and Calling,

• High angle shooting trajectory principles,

• Shooting Alternative Firing Position (AFP) other than prone,

• Range Estimation,

• Engaging Targets On Command,

• Primary and Secondary Shooters,

• Engaging Targets Under Stress,

• Low Light/ No Light Engagements,

• Vehicle Based Platform Engagements,

• Move In / Move Out Long Range Hike,

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