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Intermediate Pistol Level 2B

Intermediate - Dynamic Shooting Concepts

Duration: 4 hours 2 daylight range 2 night range



Jim Gregg

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Our intermediate handgun course challenges you to become a more proficient shooter in stressful situations. Relying on the basics that you learned in your beginners class, this course will show you how to engage multiple targets, shoot from different positions including kneeling, prone, Israeli prone and on your back. Multiple magazine exchanges along with jam clearing will enhance your gun handling skills.  You will then repeat all during dim light.

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Topics Covered

  • Emergency and tactical reloads of the pistol
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • shooting while on the move
  • shooting from behind and around cover and concealment
  • malfunction drills including clearing jams with one hand
  • precision shooting in a crowded environment
  • Use of light in shooting situations 
  • use of force review with Pennsylvania laws

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course the student will feel more comfortable with his or her personal carry weapon. The student will have a better understanding of the physiological changes, and how they impact accuracy in a dynamic shooting event. The student will have a solid understanding of how to clear common pistol malfunctions and be able to reload the pistol under a variety of conditions.  Students will appreciate the need to train in various lighting conditions. 

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Intermediate, Scenario Based Training, USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Must be 21 years or older with a valid concealed carry license from a Pennsylvania county.  Persons who are ineligible  to possess or use a firearm, and all felons are prohibited from taking this class. Students should have completed a basic class such as a Level 1 or NRA first steps.

The instructor requires a copy of your Concealed Carry Weapons permit once you register.

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  • Modern working firearm, semi automatics preferred chambered in 380 ACP and above
  • A minimum of two magazines for the weapon use and one mag pouch
  • A strong side belt holster for the firearm used 
  • 100 rounds of factory new ammunition. Reloads are not permitted. 
  • Long pants and sturdy shoes 
  • Weapon mounted light or flashlight 
  • Eye and ear protection 
  • Students should evaluate their level of fitness before attending this course as there will be physical exertion
  • Please feel free to bring a snack and a drink.