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Victory Arms Permit to Carry Course (St. Cloud)

Basic - Beginner-oriented firearm class pertaining to responsible firearm ownership, and MN laws regarding your carry rights

Duration: 4hrs classroom / 2hrs at the range



Jordan Billings

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  • Part 1: What You NEED To Know

We cover the main concepts the prosecution goes over when determining a case of "self-defense."

  • Part 2: The Firearm As A Tool

We talk at a very high level about what the firearm is and how to properly use it. As a permit to carry course, it could be assumed that you understand how your firearm works at a base level - but I don't know that and unfortunately a Permit to Carry class is the first steps for 90% of individual firearm owners nowadays.

  • Part 3: Defensive Use Of Force

We talk about the firearm in respects to its role in self-defense, but also talk about the concept of "situational awareness" and "prevention" being much more preemptive concepts when it comes to avoiding trouble. This compounds on Part 1 information a little bit more to give a broad understanding of what Minnesota looks for when it comes to a "self-defense" claim.

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Topics Covered

  • 5 facts State Prosecutors use to determine whether or not the use of force was self defense or otherwise
  • Best practices after the incident; from the first call to the interrogation
  • Particular statutes pertaining to MN firearm laws
  • The Permit to Carry application process
  • Proper firearm storage
  • Firearm basics
  • Defensive basics
  • Shooting Incident aftermath

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Expectations and Outcomes

Once both the classroom and live fire testing portion have been completed, the student will have met all criteria for MN 624.714 in regards to instruction on how to use a pistol, live-fire competency test, and legal aspects pertaining to carrrying a pistol and use of force in MN.

Once both classroom and live-fire testing have been completed, the student will receive a certificate that will allow them to apply for a MN Permit to Carry with their local County Sheriff.

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Basic, Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

If you could simply bring your Drivers License with you to the class so we can confirm the roster the day of the class, that would be most appreciated.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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  • Drivers License

  • Proper range attire
    • Closed toed shoes are recommended
    • If you are wearing an open-topped shirt - I recommend some sort of overshirt when we get to the range
    • A cap with a bill/brim are also recommended since ejecting brass can be unpredictable
*If you have a Permit to Carry already, I ask that you either leave your firearm in your vehicle or in your holster. If you prefer I can also hang onto the firearm during the class portion. (Just remind me I have it.)

**You must also be legally allowed to purchase/own/use a firearm - If you are what is considered a "Prohibited Persons" by State and Federal law, you cannot take the class. (If you don't know what a Prohibited Person is, feel free to reach out with any questions regarding that consideration.)

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