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Intro to Defensive Shotgun Use


Duration: 5 hours on the range



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This course is an INTRO to Defensive Use of a Shotgun. Our NRA Certified Trainers will bring their combat, law enforcement, competition, and practical shooting experience to help you improve your practical and defensive shooting skills. We will cover:

* Safety and Shotgun Manipulation
* Stance, Grip, Aiming
* Firing Methods
* Patterning
* Staging and Reloading
* Malfunctions
* Defensive Scenarios

This course is all outdoors on a hot range.

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Basic, Intermediate, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge), Shotgun

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Bring a camp chair or stool. You will need your shotgun, 100 -150 rounds of bird shot, 10 rounds of buck shot, plenty of water, a snack if you are so inclined, clothing appropriate for outdoors – including long pants with belt loops and a belt, and sturdy shoes. Additional protective gear and clothing is up to you. If you have eye pro, bring it. If you have ear pro, bring it. We have plenty of both if you need it. Bring sunscreen if you find that appropriate.

** If you don’t have buckshot, we will have some available for purchase at the class **