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AR-15 Rifle 101

Duration: 4hours classroom, 1 hour time



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This course AR-15 rifle is designed to give students from all backgrounds the basic fundamentals and knowledge surrounding, mechanics, parts and basic know how to use this rifle. Students will gain proper handling and platfom information to utilize their rifle or a future purchase.  

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Topics Covered

1.Rifle Safety & Storage                11. zero the sights 
2.Rifle Knowledge                         12. Field stripping and cleaning 
3.Ammo info 
4.Rifle Handling 
5.Firing Position
7.Front and Rear sight 
8.Sight Picture
9.load & unload Magazine 
10.Malfunction Handling 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will receive a certifiction on basic AR-15 platform rifle 

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Documentation Requirements

ID card most be presented after registration. State ID card such a DL, Non DL or any other id that is acceptable by Federal,State or city agencies. 

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AR-15 rifle's only in this course or platforms such as A4's or others that fit the description of all the same working parts. Ammo most be 5.56/.223. please no green tip do to the range rules of range location and policies.