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Defensive tactics/ tactical handcuffing

Duration: 4hrs



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To teach armed professionals in dealing with hostile subjects who are noncompliant or resisting. This course can be for active officers, new officers and other armed professionals who are military or security to held effective defensive techniques and handcuffing Techniques effectively minimizing officers being injured. Utilizing defensive techniques and tactical handcuffing techniques at the same time. Handlers will learn to transition when a technique is not effective until one is establish. 

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Topics Covered

Defense tactics                        Tactical handcuffing 
1. Hand to Hand                       1. Handcuffs 
2. striking.                               2. Mechanics/knowledge
3. grappling.                            3. Handcuffing God of mines 
4. joint locks.                           4. Resistive/non resistive 
5. Holds                                   5. Fisk & search 
6. Weapons disarming               6. Remove of cuffs 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Valuable techniques and officer safety understand the basic defensive techniques and fundamentals no hard overwhelming techniques that is difficult to apply. Students will receive certificate and certification once "MAPS" ( minimum acceptance performance standards) has been established by end of course. 

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Combatives / Less Lethal, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Security Training & Certification