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Basic CCW

Basic CCW instruction course meets Ohio CCW requirements.

Duration: 6 classroom 2 hours range time



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This course is designed to give students the knowledge skills and attitude to be responsible law abiding gun owners and fulfills Ohio state law requirements for applying for a concealed handgun license.

minimum class size will be 8, maximum 12.

If the number of students is below minimum the class will be rescheduled.

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Topics Covered

Concealed handgun laws 

Responsible Gun ownership

Fundementals of firearm safety

Fundementals of Shooting

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will be required to pass a written as well as a firearms competency exam which includes live fire.

At the completion of this course students will recieve a certificate of completion to be taken to the sheriffs office with CCW application.

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Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

please send your full, legal name as it appears on your drivers license to for certificate purposes at least three days prior to event.

Students will need to fill out the Liability waiver on site.

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students will need eye and ear protection.

students are encouraged to bring thier own firearm, if a student does not currently own a firearm a training firearm chambered in .22LR is available for rent for an additional $10.

students must bring thier own ammunition unless using the range training firearm, ammunition prices are included in the rental fee of the range firearm to include 50rnds,  additional ammunition can be purchased during the class if needed for an additional fee.

students will be expected to follow all safety rules and guidelines at all times, if a student is deemed to be unsafe with thier firearm they will be removed from the class without refund