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BACKGROUND: Civilian, Instructor

2 Years Instructing

PH: 803 404 2024

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About American Gun Chic Llc

While relatively new to the instructing side of the firing line, Ms. Clark has surely earned her stripes by training with some of the most elite instructors in the world! 
Ms. Clark has trained in

Fighting Pistol, Shotgun, and Rifle courses with Emegency Action Medical, Force on Force and more w/ James Yeager. 
Pistol/Carbine classes with Benghazi heroes Kris Tanto Paronto and Dave "Boon" Benton. 
Red Dawn Civilian's Defense with former Navy SEAL Team 6 Craig "Sawman" Sawyer. 
Home Defense & CQB with Green Beret Karl Erickson. 
Speed and Accuracy training with Taran Butler

Just to list a few.
She is NRA Pistol Instructor Certified and was sponsored by Sportsman's Guide in 2019 to travel the country on a national tour hosting free womens pistol training events.

   Brickell Clark is unique in that she has documented all of her training every step of the way on YouTube and all of her social media platforms so that other ladies could learn from her successes and mistakes.  You can find all of her videos which started in January 2016 on Youtube at American Gun Chic or on her website  You can even find the 2019 classes she hosted while on tour with Sportsmans Guide to get a better ideo of what her team does.

Brickell's mission is to get as many women competent and confident with firearms and self-defense so that we all can live in a better world. Her dedication, relatability, pedigree of training, and development of a unique program designed for women is already one of the very best in the country.  She continues to train and learn and moving forward, her teams development of the American HoneyBadger training program is only going to get better.  Now is the time to train with American Gun Chic and the American HoneyBadger self-defense courses.  Hope to see you on the range!

Courses Taught

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Fighting Pistol                           Tactical Response        3x   James Yeager

Advanced Fighting Pistol             Tactical Response

The Fight (Force-on-Force)          Tactical Response

Way of the Pistol                         Tactical Response

Immediate Action Medical            Tactical Response

Fighting Rifle                               Tactical Response

Fast and Accurate Pistol               Tactical Response

Tactical Shotgun                          Tactical Response

Vehicle Dynamics                         Tremis Dynamics               Gary Marr

Red Dawn Response                     Tactical Insider                 Craig "Sawman" Sawyer

2-Day Combative Pistol & Carbine  Battleline Tactical             Kris Paronto & Dave Benton

1-Day Basic Pistol                         Battleline Tactical

2-Day Active Shooter                    Battleline Tactical

Tactical Firearms Instructor           Tactical Response

CQB & Home Defense                   Tactical Rifleman               Karl Erickson  

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu                          Bone Island Jiu Jitsu


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  • If it ain't RAININ!!! You ain't TRAININ!!! Let's Go Ladies!!! #BadgerUp

    American Gun Chic teaches an American HoneyBadger pistol class to four ladies in the Conroe TX, Spring TX area just north of Houston, TX!!! This is a 2 day course that quickly gets entry level shooters to an intermediate to advanced level gun handling self-defender!!! The American HoneyBadger program is tailored too but not limited to women and their unique issues regarding safety and self-defense. If you would like more information, please click the links below.