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Introduction to Home & Self-Defense

Basic - "An opportunity for women to get to know what types of home & self-defense will work the best for them"

Duration: "3 Hours of Classroom, 2 Hours of range time"



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  This course runs 4-hours consisting of 3 hours in the classroom and 1+ hours at the range.   The class is custom designed to focus on real world threats that exist for, but not limited to, women specifically.   The course is meant for women who have zero knowledge regarding firearms up to the ladies that have had experience at the range but no training regarding tactical or true FIGHTING situations.  Yes ladies, there is a BIG difference!!

    This course builds a foundation for ladies to better understand the different types of firearms that are used for home and self defense.  We aid in and help develop the proper mindset of the lady warrior.  We cover the 3 things every District Attorney looks for when analyzing and considering self-defenders for prosecution.  It's great to survive a deadly encounter, but it doesnt mean much if you can't go home to your family in the end.   We debunk TV, Media, and Movie myths regarding how firearms work.  We analyze multiple real world encounters involving defensive firearms encounters so that students have a better understanding of what TRULY occurs.  Again, its not like the movies!!   We break down the mechanics of pistols so we better understand how they work.  We cover the different types of bullets and calibers, what they are used for, and what that means.  We cover situational awareness and cues.  We will go over how to load and hold a pistol, rifle, and shotgun.  We cover propper trigger countrol, stance, and sight alignment.  We cover the myths behind Semi-Auto and Automatic rifles and how they truly work along with "Silencers"   We go over dryfire so that you are completely aware of all functioning aspects of a pistol.   

    At the end of the class, we move to the range and put in to practice the fundamentals we have learned with the pistol. We also have demonstrations with a shotgun and rifle to better understand their purpose and we close the class with shooting each so that students fully understand their options moving forward when picking an appropriate firearm for the type of home or self-defense that they are trying to implement.  

  This class will help you start developing the basic skills needed to pass your concealed carry course test so that you can carry a firearm in public safely and effectively.  This course will also give you a strong foundation regarding the different types of firearms, how they work, and their effectiveness in each scenario.   


This class is a prerequisite to all courses including the "American HoneyBadger Pistol Course" hosted by American Gun Chic.

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Close-toed shoes
T shirt with a high neckline