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Handgun Fundamentals

Basic - You are new to the world of handguns! Welcome! This class provides the information to safely handle and use a handgun..

Duration: 3.5 hours (classroom and range)



Debbie MacDonald

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This course is designed to help new gun owners* handle their firearms in a consistently safe manner.  The course will cover material about the mindset necessary for defensive shooting, a brief overview of the law of self defense, the fundamentals including stance, grip, and sight alignment, trigger press and reset, clearing of malfunctions, and more.

This course is a primer and a very hands-on approach for the new shooter as they acquire the confidence to use the firearm when not in the presence of an instructor.

*It may be that you do not yet own a handgun.  Do not let that deter you from taking this class.  When it comes to the range time, I will work with you and meet you at the range when you have a firearm (no extra charge for that 1 hour session).  

Range fees and target are included in the price of the class.

Please be aware that the instructor is taking every precaution due to the restrictions placed upon businesses due to Covid.  If a class needs to be postponed, it will be done; if a student requests a refund, the fees will be refunded minus $5 processing fee and credit card fees.  The instructor will work with each student to meet the ever changing climate.  

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Topics Covered

Mindset for self defense
Fundamentals of firearm types
Fundamentals of ammuntion
Fundamentals of shooting
And hands-on practice

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students in this course will:

  • Safe handling
  • Use proper terminology related to firearms
  • Filling magazines correctly
  • Loading/unloading firearm
  • Clearing malfunctions
  • Proper grip for both single and two handed shooting
  • Understand role of sight alignment in shooting
  • Trigger press and reset
  • Proper range etiquette

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Documentation Requirements

No documentation is required. However by signing up for this class, the individual is certifying that they have no felony convictions preventing them from being in possession of a firearm.

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  • Firearm (be sure to research the legal transportation of firearms on the DOJ web-site) 
  • Become familiar prior to class with the DOJ website and the information about firearms-bring your questions to class
  • 50 rounds of FMJ (full metal jacket) ammunition 115 grain (do not buy ammo for practice above 125 grains) 
  • Eye/Ear protection
  • Closed toed shoes
  • T-shirt type shirt (brass has a way of finding its way into special places!)
  • Paper and pen/pencil for notetaking