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Covert Carry


Duration: 1 day



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Covert Carry: This one-day course covers the use of the handgun from concealed or covert carry. It includes the different methods of carry/degrees of concealment, garment considerations and presentation from concealment. This course incorporates drills from Defensive Handgun 1 and 2; all work is done from concealed/covert carry. 300 rounds required for this course. Prerequisite: Defensive Handgun 1 or similar offering. $170 (includes range fee)

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Topics Covered

(see course description)

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Advanced, Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

  • A current LTC or other state CCW permit
  • Active or retired LEO credentials
  • Active or reserve military ID
  • letter of no criminal history from local law enforcement agency along with copy of state drivers license/ID
(one of the above must be provided prior to class)

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  • Serviceable handgun in at least .380 ACP
  • A minimum of three magazines 
  • 300 rounds of factory training ammunition (no armor piercing)
  • Quality kydex or boltaron holster (leather is fine as long as mouth of holster is rigid/doesn't collapse) NO SERPA HOLSTERS, NO PADDLE HOLSTERS, Should be a holster that is concealable; may bring more than one to try in class
  • At least one spare magazine pouch and quality belt 
  • Eye and ear protection (electronic earpro is preferable) 
  • Attire suitable for range wear/closed toe shoes/some type of garment that conceals your handgun
  • Food, snacks and hydration to sustain one's self in a day long pistol class
  • Camp chair for breaks
  • Note taking material if desired
  • IFAK/Trauma kit if you have one (as you should)