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NRA Concealed Carry Course (MD CCW, Includes HQL)

Sign up to get MD and NRA certifications for Concealed Carry in Maryland.

Iron Sights Training Academy, LLC - Jacob "Jake" Bizzell
Instructor: Jacob "Jake" Bizzell

Fee: $300.00

Date: Saturday - 1/13/2024
End Date: Sunday - 1/14/2024
Time: 8am to 6pm Saturday, and 8am to 4pm Sunday, give or take.
Duration: 10+ hours of classroom time in Frederick on Saturday and Sunday, and then about an hour at the MD Arsenal, Hagerstown.

Location: Iron Sights Training Academy, LLC

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Cancellation Policy
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Refund Policy
Refunds are discussed above. If for any reason you do not show up for a class and you dispute the charges, we will make every attempt to keep that money. Please DO NOT sign up for a class that you do not intend on taking. There are SIGNIFICANT expenses on our end to plan for your class.
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Read Instructor Waiver Requirements





                                                               * * * READ CAREFULLY * * *


I, _______________________________ (Print Name), certify that I am aware that there are significant dangers and risks associated with the use of a firearm and participating in activities at a gun range and/or a class of this type. I am a United States Citizen or a LEGAL Resident Alien (with a green card) and am NOT prohibited from possessing firearms. **REQUIRED to partake in training**.

I, the undersigned will familiarize myself with all the rules of the range. I agree to at all times conduct myself in a safe manner and promptly respond to all instructor directions. I agree that any firearms or ammunition brought by myself shall be transported to and from the range in a manner which is both safe and compliant with all State, Federal and other applicable laws. It is understood that I am personally responsible for the safe handling and proper functioning of any firearm or munitions that I bring into the training environment. Iron Sights Training Academy, LLC (ISTA), other participating service providers, and the range (along with all its owners, stakeholders, and associates) have no responsibility to guarantee, verify, or approve of the safety and functioning of firearms, ammunition, or other items. I further state that I am of lawful age and am legally competent to enter into this affirmation and release. I understand the terms herein are contractual and not mere recital, and I have signed this document voluntarily and of my own free will. I further affirm that I have not been at any time restricted from access to firearms.


Firearms shall always be safely holstered and/or otherwise appropriately stored until they are utilized for practice as directed by the instructor. Firearms shall be promptly holstered or otherwise appropriately stored after use in training. Upon recognizing any potentially unsafe condition, the undersigned agrees to immediately stop shooting, place their firearm in a safe orientation and bring the condition to the attention of the instructor.


In consideration of the opportunity to participate in, or observe training from ISTA, the undersigned agrees to assume responsibility for his or her own actions, along with all personal risk involved in participation. The undersigned personally assumes all risks in connection with ISTA, whether foreseen or unforeseen. Further, the undersigned assumes responsibility and liability, for themselves, their family, their guests, and their legal heirs and assigns. All of the aforementioned parties do hereby release and hold harmless Iron Sights Training Academy, LLC, the range and officers (of ISTA, the range, and other participating entities), directors, agents, and employees from any harm, death, or other damages to themselves, property, or others, which may arise while engaged in the use of facilities, services, or equipment.


I further agree and affirm that I and my family and other dependents do and will hold harmless, Iron Sights Training Academy, LLC, its instructors, officers, officials and any and all course or event sponsors, and any and all persons involved in organizing and conducting training or events, for any injury or damage which might be incurred during the course of such training or events. I also agree and understand that I and my family or other dependents waive all current and future rights to sue, or collect damages from, the above organization and/or individuals involved as a result of any injury which might be incurred at such an event.


I agree to indemnify and hold harmless for any and all claims, including any act or omission on the part of Iron Sights Training Academy, LLC, its owner, officers, employees, volunteers and the training facility, its officers, directors, agents, employees, licensees, guests, and any other entities or persons involved, during my time in training for any personal injuries, loss of life, and/or damages to my person and/or property sustained and from the activities involved. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the parties listed in the last statement from against all costs, counsel fees, expenses, and liabilities incurred in and about such claims, investigations thereof of the defense of any action or proceeding brought thereon and from any orders, judgments and/or decrees which may be entered therein.


I further certify that I am not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and that it is legal for me to be in possession of a firearm. Additionally, I certify that I am of sound body and mind at the time of my entry into this agreement, and during my time in training.


Finally, I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand this waiver of liability, agreement to hold harmless and assumption of risk, and that I have also read and understand, and will comply with, all of the range safety rules and procedures governing courses and events.


Training Rules

1.   Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.

2.   ALWAYS keep firearms pointed in a safe direction and away from any persons, areas in which a person might be, and away from any wildlife.

3.   ALWAYS keep your finger straight and outside the trigger guard until you are on target and have made the decision to shoot, and an instructor has told you to do so.

4.   Be sure of your target and its foreground and background. Ensure that rounds will not cause harm on their way to the target, or once they have penetrated the target. (Keep rounds on the appropriate backstop, and make sure the round stays on the backstop when it leaves the target by using the appropriate angle of shooting).

5.   Understand it is NOT always safe to point a firearm downrange.

6.   ALL range commands should be repeated loudly.

7.   The STUDENT is responsible for notifying an instructor IMMEDIATELY if any unsafe or potentially unsafe condition is observed.

8.   Act at all times in a reasonable and safe manner. These rules do not take the place of good judgement and prudent actions.

9.   Be courteous to all shooters.

10. Keep all cell phones at all times on silent.

11.  If an unsafe condition is observed, immediately stop what you are doing and call “Cease Fire”. Inform your instructor and other safety officers immediately.

12.  Keep handguns in the holster or secure case at all times unless on the firing line and the appropriate command has been given by the instructor.

13.  DO NOT manipulate firearms unless on the firing line and the appropriate command has been given by the instructor.

14.  If reloading off of the firing line, ensure to perform ONLY a range/administrative reload (reload where the magazine is removed from the firearm WITHOUT removing the firearm from the holster).

15.  The STUDENT is responsible for EVERY round they fire.

The following are strictly prohibited:

1.      Shooting at people.

2.      Shooting at wildlife.

3.      Shooting anywhere except downrange (at the backstop) when the appropriate command has been given.

4.      Shooting across range.

5.      Shooting when the command to shoot has not been given.

6.      Shooting once the cease fire command has been given.

7.      Consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs (including prescription and over the counter medications) which may affect the student’s ability to participate with a maximum state of awareness and in a completely safe manner, before or during live fire activities. The Range Officer may deny range access to anyone that is or appears to be in violation of these provisions.



10.  50 BMG CALIBER FIREARMS ARE PROHIBITED without written authorization from the lead instructor.


12.  No bullet impacts off the range, into buildings, signs, storage containers, sheds, or any other structure or range feature other than in the shooters approved impact area.

13.  No disruptive activities, such as loud music or persons who are not training or not properly supervised on the firing line.

14.  No firearms are to be loaded unless the student is on the Firing Line for the purpose of training after express permission has been given by the instructor.

15.  Students NOT bring live ammunition into a classroom environment, whether indoors or outdoors. (Live ammunition should only be brought to the range with permission from the instructor)


Possession/Use of Firearms

I, __________________________________, swear that I am legally allowed to possess and/or use firearms in the United States. Furthermore, I have not been convicted, nor am I currently charged with a crime or offense that would prohibit me from legally owning or using a firearm.

Signature: _________________________________Today’s Date: ____________________________________


Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Name: _____________________________________

Relationship: ________________________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________________________________


Course participant information:

By signing below, I being of sound mind and body agree to the above and that I am at least 18 years of age or that I must have a parent or guardian sign.

Printed Name: _____________________________________ Date: _____________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________Under 18 (Circle which applies)?        (Yes)                (No)


Parent/Guardian information (if under 18):

I hereby state that I am the parent or guardian of the minor whose signature appears above.

Printed Name: ____________________________________ Date: __________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________           

P/G Email: _______________________________________ P/G Phone: _____________________________________


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Referral Information (Optional)
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Please let the instructor know any medical conditions, handicaps, or special needs the instructor should be aware of.

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Add Ons

The instructor offers these additional services to enhance your learning experience. Note: Add Ons are not subject to discounts.


Course Fee: $300.00

Add Ons: $0.00

Total: $300.00

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