Basic Concealed Carry

Basic - This class is a complete course. Firearm use, how to aim, fire, load, clean and store your pistol or revolver.

Duration: 6hours class room, 2 hours Range



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Firearm safety. Shooting skills, gun care, target accusition, Florida Law.

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Topics Covered

grip, site accusition, aiming, trigger pull, breath control 

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Expectations and Outcomes

each student shall pass a NRA basics test and score 16 out of 20 shots on your target.

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Basic, CCW, NRA Courses, Other, Seminars / Lectures, USA Carry Courses, Women's Only Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Florida drivers liscence or picture ID.

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For range time all students must have eye and ear protection.
If shooting your own weapon all persons must purchase rounds from the range (range rules), and each student needs to purchase 1 box of 22 cal. Ammo. (20 rounds)