Handgun Fundamentals

Basic - An opportunity for those new to firearms to learn the fundamentalsthe right way

Duration: 2 hour classroom, 2 hour range time



Eric Larson

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This is a one (1) Instructor to two (2) student environment. The course will ultimately be curtailed to each student needs and progress at each student’s speed. 

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Topics Covered

A Pistol Fundamentals class is to educate each student with the following:

  • Safe handling of a semi-auto pistol, including handing or receiving
  • Load and unload a magazine
  • Load and unload a semi-auto pistol
  • Hold semi-auto pistol
  • Stance
  • Basic but important legal information
  • Transportation of semi-auto pistol
  • Locking and safe storage of semi-auto pistol
  • Fieldstrip of your semi-auto pistol
  • trigger technique
  • Sight picture & Sight Alignment
  • Basic target engagement

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Expectations and Outcomes

We feel confident that each student, will be able to perform all of the topics covered in the class and will at a minimum, be able to confidently and comfortably use their semi-automatic handgun to effectively shoot at a target 20 feet away. 

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Documentation Requirements

Recent proof of purchasing of firearm within three years or equivalent.  If you don't have this, please visit us during normal business hours before signing up for this class.

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

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  1. You must bring your firearm. If you do not have a firearm Cobra Tactical may be able to rent one for you.
  2. You must have 100 rounds of ammunition for your firearm.
  3. You must have two magazines for your firearm.
  4. You must have eyewear
  5. You must have hearing protection
Cobra Tactical can assist in providing everything on this list. Please inquire if you wish to learn more.