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LE Personal Defense Tactics CQC

Advanced - Changing the Game. LE Non-Lethal Training to Safely Prevail & Control

Duration: Four (4) hours Mat Room



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This introductory course of instruction is designed to enlighten the student in the realistic, dynamic principles and techniques of Combative Systems International‚ÄĚs (CSI) Law Enforcement Defense Tactics for Close Quarter Combat environments.  It teaches the student to maintain proper form, calm psyche, and natural precise movements with breath control for a greater resolve, within the ambit of the law, and supportive of Agency Training Programs, Standard Operating Procedures, and Use-Of-Force Policy while reducing and/or obviating the Risks of Injury and/or Liability.

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Topics Covered

Introductory Areas of Focus:

  1. Breathing & Exercises
  2. Movement and Precision 
  3. Maximizing the Use & Applications of Natural Weapons
  4. Defense In Confined Spaces
  5. Single & Multiple Attackers Defense
  6. Vehicle Extraction Drills
  7. Handcuff Supremacy in CQC
  8. Baton Supremacy in CQC

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course of instruction, the student will be equipped with greatly enhanced knowledge, and skills capacity supportive of the development of a greater survival mindset for situation awareness suitable to safely prevail in a confrontation. The student will be capable of resolving physical and psychological confrontations within the Use-Of-Force Policy and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) while reducing and/or obviating the risks of personal injuries and/ or liabilities through logical, and conscious decisions to safely prevail in the Management Of Aggressive Behavior.

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Advanced, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Police Identification

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  1. Dress: Comfortable Athletic Wear or BDUs
  2. Equipmemnt: Mouth & Shin Guard, Duty Belt with Holster, Blue/Red Training Gun, Hinge or Rigid Handcuff, Training Knife, Tactical Flashlight, ASP Baton.