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Pistol Mounted Optics - TN

Intermediate - An introduction to the defensive use of pistol-mounted optics (red dot sights)

Duration: 9am-6pm



Erick Gelhaus

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This one-day class is an introduction to the use of pistol-mounted optics on your handgun. Selection, mounting, acquiring the dot from the holster as well as ready positions, and more.

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Topics Covered

Pistol Mounted Optics (PMO) aren't coming, they are HERE and have quickly gained popularity. Making the switch from iron sights to PMOs doesn't have to be a mystery and this course covers successfully making that transition. After covering what does and doesn’t change along with some optic-centric issues in the classroom, we will be on the range. Topics include:

  • Acquiring the dot from the ready and the holster
  • Installing & maintaining the optic
  • Broken & blocked optics
  • Shooting both eyes open
  • Shifting one’s visual attention, and
  • Zeroing the pistol.
  • As in the norm for a Cougar Mountain Solutions (CMS) course, judgment & decision making will be addressed as well.

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Expectations and Outcomes

By the end of the day, you'll be on your way to consistently acquiring the dot and hitting your target when coming from a ready position or your holster.

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Advanced, Intermediate, Specialty Other

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Documentation Requirements

Completion of a defensive handgun class that includes holster work/reloads/stoppages as well as an understanding of applying the 4 Safety Rules practically while working around your firearm while not hazarding your neighbor.

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  • Note taking materials
  • A pistol with an optic (loaners MAY be available with enough notice)
  • Appropriate belt
  • Appropriate holster & mag pouches,
  • 3 mags
  • 150 rounds
  • Extra battery & tool to change it
  • Adjustment tool for optic
  • Eyes and ears
  • Please bring your lunch, scooby snacks, caffeine, and – of course – water. We will break but the less time is devoted to lunch, the more time we can spend on your dot.
  • There is NO additional range fee.