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Live Fire Shooting - Shoot Indoors KOP

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Duration: 1 Hour



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Come and join Dakota Firearms Training Academy for a one-hour Live Fire training session, where you put into practice the fundamentals of gun handling you learned in our Basic Pistol class. Our experienced and certified trainers will guide you through the shooting drills and exercises that allow you to apply and practice what you've learned. Dakota Firearms Training Academy’s “Basic Pistol” class or applicable experience is a prerequisite for this class.

We will be using the ultra-modern Shoot Indoors KOP facility. Bring your own firearm and ammo or rent one of Shoot Indoors many handgun models or purchase ammo at their facility.

Shoot Indoors KOP has designed a safe and comfortable environment that includes state-of-the-art shooting ranges, top-of-the-line firearms available for rent, the latest safety equipment and certified Range Safety Officers onsite should you need assistance.

Shoot Indoors KOP requires all first-time shooters to 1) pay their range fee, 2) sign a liability waiver, and 3) watch their mandatory gun safety video. Dakota Firearms Training Academy will provide the paper targets which provide easy visibility downrange. Availability is limited to a maximum of two students per session.

We guarantee that our event will be a positive experience that you will take away with you.

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Topics Covered

Practice of skills and techniques learned in Dakota Firearms Training Academy's "Basic Pistol" class.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Reinforce the skills and techniques learned in Dakota Firearms Training Academy's "Basic Pistol" class. A Certificate Of Completion will be emailed to student after class.

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Basic, NRA Courses, Private Classes (Group / Individual), Women's Only Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Shoot Indoors KOP will require student to present a driver's license at checkin for anyone over 18.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Our Basic Pistol class is a prerequisite for approval in this class. 

The range we use limits shooters to one hour sessions. That leaves no time to thoroughly train you if have never handled a gun before.  If you have not taken our prerequisite Basic Pistol class, we don't know you. To be approved for this class, you must be able to prove to us that you can safely handle a handgun. 

Ideally, students should bring with them:

1. Their own firearm
2. 100 rounds of ammo for their own firearm
3. Magazine speed loader
4. A range bag to hold firearm and accessories
5. Eye protection *
6. Ear protection *

However, if the student is a first time shooter and does not yet possess a firearm, one may be rented from Shoot Indoors KOP.

* Mandatory - will not get into shooting gallery without these