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Concealed Carry Concepts

Intermediate - The next step after your handgun license class.

Duration: 8 hours



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Concealed Carry Concepts is our flagship course and is designed to be the next step after a basic concealed carry class.  

??Prerequisite:  A basic handgun class like the Oklahoma Handgun License / Self Defense Act course. (This class is not a handgun license class.)

This class is $100.00 plus $20 range fee.  Total cost is $120.  Class starts at 9am!

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Topics Covered

In CCC, we discuss the pros and cons of various concealment holsters and methods. We explore the criminal thought process; how violent criminals select victims and how to deselect yourself as a potential victim.

We will enter the real of vehicle combatives and discuss the unique issues involved around the most common types of cover and concealment for concealed carriers;  which are vehicles in parking lots.  

Students will engage in realistic shooting drills based on actual self-defense encounters.  This is much more than just a shooting class.  Bring at least 250 rounds of ammunition, a good carry pistol, holster and magazine carriers.  (There will be some available for rent. 

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Quality pistol, ammunitions and magazines.  Bring a good quality holster which, not flimsy nylon or horsehide.  We may shoot up to 250 rounds