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Defensive Pistol 1

Intermediate - An opportunity to get to the next level of skill with a pistol and learn how to fight with a handgun.

Duration: 8 hours



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An intensive eight-hour course focusing on technical marksmanship, holster work, reloading, malfunction clearances and the difference between shooting and fighting with a handgun.  

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Topics Covered

We cover proper and safe holster usage, the elements of the draw stroke, and how to safely get faster.  Marksmanship, cover versus concealment.  Shooting from cover and how to work from and around vehicles.  

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Expectations and Outcomes

In order to pass the class, you will have to score a 72% or better on the CLEET peace officer pistol qualification course.  

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Intermediate, CCW, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements


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A quality pistol, holster and magazine carrier.  Try to avoid anything made by Taurus.  Extremely small guns like J-frame revolvers, Ruger LCP's and Sig 238 or 938's are difficult to shoot and you should consider that before you bring them to class.  If you do, I'll have a few loaner guns and the range can rent you one if you want. 

You should be reasonably fit and have no trouble with kneeling, standing and moving.  

You'll need a brimmed hat as well as eye and ear protection.  Try to bring at least 300 rounds of ammunition.  Bring more if you can.  If you can't find enough, I'll try to have some for you to purchase.  Either way, I'll make sure you get the most out of the class.