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Working From Concealment

Intermediate - Learn how to draw and defend yourself from Concealed carry.

Duration: 1 day



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Learn  the different ways of Concealed Carry
Proper gear and clothing for Concealed Carry
Drawing from Concealment 
Target identification and acquisition 
Moving off the "X"
Cover and Concealment
Scanning and situational awareness 
What to do following a shoot
CCWSAFE: What it is, and why you need it

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Topics Covered

See class description for topucs that will be covered in this class.

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Expectations and Outcomes

By taking this class, you will gain the knowledge and confidence of working from Concealment. You will also learn how to identify a potential threat, and how to handle yourself when dealing with said threat.

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Intermediate, CCW, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

Students must bring their Driver's License/State Identification Card, and their CCW License (if they already have one). 

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Students will need to bring the following:
Firearm (the one that they will be carrying)
Minimun of 200 rounds of ammo
Ear Protection 
Eye Protection 
Closed Toe shoes/boots (no sandals)
Normal daily attire (what you will be carrying in)
Water and Snacks

RANGE FEE NOT INCLUDED, and will be collected before start of class.