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Active Shooter Training

Basic - Get you and your families the knowledge and skills necessary to survive during an active shooter and/or armed intruder incident.

Duration: 3 Hours



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Altoona, PA
6 - 18 Students 9am-12pm Paul Jendrzejewski Space Available target icon


An active shooter is defined as an individual who is actively engaged in or is attempting to harm people in a place of business or school. In most cases, active shooters use a firearm and display no pattern or method for the selection of their targets. Active shooters at the workplace have become very prevalent over the last few years and a common misconception is that most active shooter incidents occur in schools. Statistics show that less than 25% of active shooter situations occur in schools. The remaining 75% occur in doctors’ offices, grocery stores, gas stations, churches, daycares, and just about any other place of business.
Double Tap will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to survive during an active shooter and/or armed intruder incident. This training will help you identify the common indicators of a potential active shooter. It will also increase your chances of surviving the incident if and when you become involved. We offer customized training for individuals and even your company so you can be sure that your workplace and employees are better prepared to survive an active shooter incident. Being proactive prior to an active shooter incident will not only save lives but can also lessen the liability for you as an employer.

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Topics Covered

  • 5 stages of an active shooter incident
  • Potential indicators or signs of an active shooter/armed intruder
  • Run - Evacuate if possible
  • Hide - Hide silently in as safe a place as possible
  • Fight - Take action to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter.
  • What to do after an incident

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Expectations and Outcomes

By taking this course you will learn to understand that gunfire may sound artificial depending on the setting and that its safer to assume that any popping sound is gunfire. You will also learn how and when to hide to avoid offering the aggressor an easier target. During the course you'll also learn that violent attacks can involve any type of weapon, not just a gun. Knives, blunt objects, physical force, or even explosives can be just as deadly as a gun. Last but not least you'll learn how to plan ahead by visualizing possible escape routs and scenarios including physically accessible routes for even students/staff or those with disabilities and limited mobility.

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Basic, Active Shooter Response Training, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures

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Documentation Requirements

Please bring a state issued ID or driver license.

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Minimum age of 12 years old with guardian present.
Please complete the Liability Waiver before attending for the class.