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Pepper Spray and Self Defense

Basic - Learn how to defend off an attacker

Duration: 4 hours or more



Joe Salerno

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These are some of the techniques you will learn: Straight Punch * Knee Kick * Chole Defense * Hair Pull Defense * Front Kick * Bear Hug Defense just to name a few.

Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent. It inflames the mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. It causes immediate closing of the eyes, difficulty breathing, runny nose, and coughing.

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Topics Covered

This is a basic, hands-on pepper spray and self defense program for people who would like to know how to defend themselves from an attacker.  Learn the difference between OC and Mace.

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Expectations and Outcomes

By the end of the course every student should have self confidence when confronted with a situation.  Know what to do in a situation.  Be able to survive most situations.  Know when and how to deploy and use pepper spray properly.

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Basic, Combatives / Less Lethal, Security Training & Certification, Seminars / Lectures, Specialty Other, Women's Only Courses

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Documentation Requirements

A waiver will be emailed to you which must be signed or will be signed at the start of class.  You will not be able to participate if the waiver is not signed or is missing. Parents must sign waivers for kids under 18 years of age.  A photo ID will be required to take the class.

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If you have safety gear you are required to use please bring with you.