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Carbine / Pistol / Low-light

Enhancer - Refresher

Duration: 8 hours

Fee: $225.00

Type(s): Advanced, Intermediate, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

Instructor: Adler & Associates International - Russ Adler View Bio target icon


GUNFIGHTER Enhancer/Refresher features drill centric, scenario based gunhandling, manipulation and marksmanship skills designed to develop new and enhance existing fighting skills with each weapon system utilizing static and automated reactive targets!

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Documentation Requirements

Each participant must show documentation of attendance at a basic pistol and carbine course from a reputable instructor.

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Each participant must bring a functioning pistol in a strong side holster and carbine with a sling, a minimum of 3 magazines for each weapon platform with secure pouches/carrieres and 200 rounds of ammunition for each weapon as well.

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Topics Covered

Basic Zero
Expedient Reloading
Multiple threat engagement
Movement concepts and drills
and MORE ...

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Expectations and Outcomes

Become more proficient at fighting and surviving with a pistol and carbine in all types of conditions and lighting environments

Upcoming Classes

Saturday - 2/22/2020

1030 to 2000

Deep Creek Adventure Center

Lake City, FL

Instructor: Russ Adler

Class Size: 1 - 10 Students

10 Spaces Left