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Vehicle Fighter


Duration: 8 hours



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We spend a large portion of our time in vehicles yet most folks rarely train in vehicle survival tactics. The course begins with combative scenarios within the vehicle, dry-fire drills and egress tactics and techniques. After a mid-course meal break, live-fire scenarios with windshield shooting, transitioning to long gun with combinations of empty-hand combatives and live-fire drills on reactive targets complete this 8 to 10 hour course.

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Topics Covered

Vehicle as cover
Vehicle as a bullet magnet
Ingress and Egress
Shooting through windshields
Shooting through vehicle pillars with various calibers
Movement and communication
Transitioning from pistol to long gun
Equipment considerations

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Advanced, Intermediate, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

If you use the MIL/LEO discount during checkout, you must provide a DD214 or LEO ID via email in order for the discount to be accepted.

The instructor requires a copy of your Concealed Carry Weapons permit once you register.

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~Eye and Ear Pro 
~300 rounds of ammunition (for either one weapon system or any combination / variation between long gun or handgun) 
~Properly functioning Handgun with solid, functional primary side holster 
~Long gun (carbine or shotgun [optional]) with sling plus functional pouches for extra ammunition 
~Inclement weather gear and hydration container 
~Any related equipment that one might plan to employ in any of the listed scenarios