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Skills and Drills at Hobbs Island Shooting Range

Intermediate - A series of seminar with a different emphasis on armed self-defense

Duration: 4-5 hours



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Skills and Drills is a monthly seminar conducted 0900-1300 at the Hobbis Island Shooting Range.  Every session will build upon foundational skills and progress into a holistic approach to armed self-defense, culminating in excercises and scenarios derived from real world events.  




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Topics Covered

  • Threat Recognition
  • Verbal Disengagement
  • Decisive Movement
  • Multiple Targets
  • Moving Targets
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement
  • Less Lethal Force Options
  • Concealed Carry Tactics

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the conclusion of each seminar students will have participated in at least two scenarios requiring shoot/no-shoot decisionmaking that will prepare them to successfully defend themselves during the course of their daily lives.

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Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training, Scenario Based Training

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Students must have had training and experience drawing from concealment.  200 rounds required.