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Advanced Concealed Carry Master Tactics Class

Advanced - An opportunity to master the tactics of movement while shooting.

Duration: 1 hour Advanced Concealed Carry (ACC) Review at the range and 6 hours shooting at the range.



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This class is full of dynamic exercises that will challenge you to raise your tactical skills to a new level. The Advanced Concealed Carry (ACC) Master Tactics Class builds on the skills learned in the ACC Skill Builder Class or other advanced concealed carry training. While some advanced training is helpful, it is not a mandatory requirement.  However, advanced training on pistol presentation from a concealed holster is necessary because pistol presentation skills are not taught in this course.  Those with law enforcement or military training and experience will be very comfortable with the training offered in this class.

The Advanced Concealed Carry (ACC) Master Tactics Class gets you on-the-move!  You or the threat will move during the exercises and scenarios in the course.  You will engage threats with combat accuracy, from a concealed holster during the entire course.

You will like the targetry for this course.  We use reactive steel targets so you know when you've successfully hit the target and stopped the threat.  In addition to regular steel targets, we employ A-Zone resonating steel targets.  These A-Zone targets let you know when you have hit either the center mass A-Zone or the eye socket A-Zone via different tonal feedback that produces different steel resonating sound from the non-A-Zone parts of the silhouette.  We also use a mannequin style target we call Tommy Torso.  This target gives you the opportunity to shoot at a releaistic, life-like dimensional target.  You will find that shooting at a dimensional target is much more difficult than you may think.  And, it is very different that shooting at paper targets.          

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Topics Covered

You will experience the following in the ACC Master Tactics Class:

  • Ambidextrous one-hand and two-handed pistol technics.
  • Engage threats while moving (includes reloads and clearing malfunctions while on the move).
  • Moving forward, rearward, side-to-side, at an oblique angle as a single individual and with a partner.
  • Cornering and room entry techniques.
  • Selecting, moving to and using cover and concealment effectively.
  •  Engaging multiple threats at varying distances.
  • Engaging a threat that is holding a hostage or several hostages.
  • Shoot or don’t shoot exercises (threats versus friendly).

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Expectations and Outcomes

Course Completioin Certificates will be awarded for your mastery of the tactics of movement while shooting

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Advanced, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

Please bring your Driver's License and Concelaed Carry License to the class.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your Concealed Carry Weapons permit once you register.

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  • A defensive handgun (preferably at least .380 Auto or .38 Special - Ask for approval for other calibers).
  • Good quality (fitted leather or kydex) strong-side hip holster that covers the trigger guard (for safety considerations other types of holsters are not permitted)
  • A good quality stiff belt for the holster.
  • 250 rounds of practice ammunition in the correct caliber for the pistol that you bring to class.
  • 2-magazines (1-speed loader or strip for revolvers).
  • Magazine or speed loader pouch that fits on your belt.
  • A concealment garment such as a coat, a vest, a button up shirt, or a sweatshirt.
  • Eye and ear protection.