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Advanced Concealed Carry - Skill Builder Class

Intermediate - Have you Concealed Carry License? This is Your NEXT STEP in CCW Training!

Duration: 1 hour Advanced Concealed Carry Orientation at the range and 5 hours shooting at the range.



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This dynamic and fast paced class builds on the pistol skills learned when you completed your Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL) Course.  Almost everyone would say that they are not confident or comfortable carrying a concealed pistol for self-defense after their initial training and receiving their license.  That is why FPS Firearms Training and Security Consulting LLC created the Advanced Concealed Carry Skill Builder Class.  And, as a responsible concealed carry licensee, you should not wait one-more-minute to get this very important and quite possibly life-saving training.

Take a look at the details:

The Advanced Concealed Carry Skill Builder Class teaches you to understand safe gun handling safety rules as they apply to concealed carry, the basic principals of concealment, presenting a pistol from a strong side hip holster and holstering it safely, metal awareness, the mental preparation to develop a defensive mindset, and engaging a threat with combat accuracy.

You will shoot a lot and have an enjoyable time at the range learning these critical skills.


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Topics Covered

You will gain practical skill building experience, honing your ability to:

  • Present the pistol from an unconcealed strong side hip holster, and re-holster it safely.
  • Engage a threat using a flash sight picture hitting the target with combat accuracy.
  • Perform speed or combat reloads under stress.
  • Clear common stoppages under stress during engagement.
  • Present a pistol from a concealed holster and re-holster it safely.
  • Present a pistol from a concealed holster and shoot targets at varying distances with combat accuracy.
  • Move off of the line of attack to engage a threat from a concealed holster.
  • Effectively shoot multiple targets representing multiple threats after presenting the pistol from a concealed holster.
  • Choosing cover or concealment and utilize it effectly.
  • You will also learn movement skills that enable you to shoot while on the move as well as fix malfuctions and perform combat reloads.
  • For any ladies in the class we cover special carry methods that may appeal to their concealed carry needs.

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the conclusiion of this course you will have learned valuable life-saving pistol handling skills and be more confident or comfortable carrying a concealed pistol for self-defense.

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Advanced, Intermediate, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

Bring these to the class:  A valid Conealed Handgun License (CCW) and a valid drivers license.  You must have these two licenses to be eligible for this course. 

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your Concealed Carry Weapons permit once you register.

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  • A defensive handgun (preferably at least .380 Auto or .38 Special - Ask for approval for other calibers).
  • Good quality (fitted leather or kydex) strong-side hip holster that covers the trigger guard (for safety considerations other types of holsters are not permitted)
  • A good quality stiff belt for the holster.
  • 250 rounds of practice ammunition in the correct caliber for the pistol that you bring to class.
  • 2-magazines (1-speed loader or strip for revolvers).
  • Magazine or speed loader pouch that fits on your belt.
  • A concealment garment such as a coat, a vest, a button up shirt, or a sweatshirt.
  • Eye and ear protection.