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Two Person Team Tactics

Intermediate - Introducing students to basic concepts of team tactics

Duration: 6 Hours



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A six hour course introducing students to basic concepts of team tactics, specifically those relevant to situations involving one or more armed citizens paired with armed or unarmed partners.

IMPORTANT: you do NOT have to have a partner when you sign up for the course. We will pair up all the individual students, and we will change partners for different drills.

Approximately half of this course will be conducted using inert firearm replicas, working indoors and around actual vehicles. The other half of the course will be live fire drills.

Students enrolling with a partner will work with that partner for the majority of the course. Drills will address tactics for situations in which both partners are armed with handguns only, when one is armed with a long gun and the other with a handgun, and when one is armed and the other is unarmed.


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Advanced, Intermediate

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Prerequisites: Concealed handgun license and prior training in safe use of a holster.

Required Equipment: A handgun, a holster or other method of carrying a handgun, 3 spare magazines, eye and ear protection. 200 rounds of handgun ammunition.

Optional Equipment: Long gun (rifle, pistol caliber carbine, or shotgun) and 100 rounds of ammunition. Airsoft gun or inert firearm replica ('red gun'), flashlight. See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.