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Defensive Shotgun 2

Intermediate - Practical applications of techniques

Duration: 6 hours



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A one day defensive shotgun class focusing on practical applications of techniques, for shooters with training or experience at the Defensive Shotgun Essentials or Defensive Shotgun I level.

This class will improve your ability to select, set up, and employ a defensive shotgun, how to choose and test appropriate defensive ammunition, how to efficiently mitigate recoil, and build experience and confidence operating a defensive shotgun under stress. 

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Topics Covered

  • Safety (due to devastating short range effects of a shotgun, there are shotgun-specific considerations)
  • Considerations when selecting a defensive shotgun
  • Busting shotgun-vs-rifle myths
  • Selecting and patterning defensive ammunition
  • Choosing modifications and accessories - what's good, what's bad, and why  
  • Use of modern recoil mitigation techniques (push/pull, or "stretching")
  • Employment from various ready positions 
  • Reliable loading and reloading techniques that work under stress from gun-mounted ammunition carriers 
  • Close quarters retention considerations
  • Efficient drills and practice routines to build and maintain proficiency

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Intermediate, In Home Defense Training, Shotgun

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A pump action or semi-automatic 12 or 20 gauge shotgun (12 gauge strongly preferred due to availability of suitable defensive ammunition) WITH a side saddle or butt cuff ammunition carrier attached, eye and ear protection, at least 100 rounds of birdshot, at least 30 rounds of buckshot.

Note: In this class, we will be loading and reloading the shotgun from ammunition carriers mounted on the gun. It is extremely unlikely that you are going to be wearing John Wick shotgun ammunition carriers on your body when someone kicks down your door.  You will have to fight with the ammunition in and on your shotgun, and we will run shotguns in this class accordingly. 

Optional Equipment: See the general policies page for suggestions on food, drink, clothing, etc.