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Comprehensive Defensive AR-15/PCC Course


Duration: 9a-5p



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The course was designed to develop basic gun handling and marksmanship skills unique to what is commonly referred to as the Modern Sporting
Rifle (AR-15, AK-47 clone, etc.) and the Pistol Caliber Carbines that are becoming increasingly popular. Objective is to increase understanding of
their capabilities at distances from as close as two yards to one hundred yards and teach tactics relevant to effective self-defense in scenarios most
likely to be encountered by civilians.

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Topics Covered

Topics covered include the following:
• Establishing a proper zero
• High speed snap-shooting
• Engaging multiple targets
• Movement off the X
• Transitions to the handgun
• Malfunction clearance
• Shooting from behind cover and concealment
• Two-man tactical movement
• Room clearing fundamentals
• Weapon retention (both lethal and less lethal)
• Skills test

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Intermediate, Rifle

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Required equipment:

Semi-auto carbine or pistol caliber carbine

3 magazines

200 rounds factory ammunition

eye and ear protection

concealed pistol. No ammunition required for the pistol.